Mike Ethan Messick – Conversational Spanish & Wild Irish Moors

Here is Mike Ethan Messick from a couch in his garage in South Austin, TX. Mike says “I’ve been a part-time singer/songwriter/performer for so long it’s starting to feel like full-time. I’m a dad, husband, day jobber and occasional freelance music journalist holed up south of South Austin playing guitar in my garage and occasionally putting out records made in nicer garages or playing gigs in garage-like venues. Sometimes I play at patio bars. It’s good to get some fresh air.” Here he is with a song about a narcotics trafficer, and a cover of his friend Gabe Wootton’s song “Wild Irish Moors.”

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Mike Ethan Messick – Conversational Spanish & Wild Irish Moors — 5 Comments

  1. Barman, your best bottle of cognac, and fresh horses for my pirate friends! Old days on the porch at 213 Fairway. White weasel! Just you wait!

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