Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray – The Wedding Tapes (5 videos)

Twitter is a funny place. I’ve been on there for 7 years? Or however long it has been in existence. People come, people go, such is the nature of “social” interaction. There are people that I talk to on a very regular basis, that I have no idea how I started talking to them, where they came from, or for how long? A lot of seem like Jack Torrance, they’ve always just been there. Such is the case with Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray – not their real names. Two of the sweetest, nicest, coolest, insert loving adjective here, people I have ever run across. They got married a couple of weekends ago, and performed a few songs, OK five, for their own posterity, but also sharing with CXCW. The bride looked absolutely gorgeous, and the groom, well he has an awesome beard! I kid! He looked rather dashing, I must admit. All of us at CXCW want to wish them nothing but love and positive vibeage here in the present, and in the future. Thank you so much for letting us share your special day with the world, or at least the folks that visit this site. XOXOXOXOXO, us….

I forgot to mention they have a new record, which is absolutely amazing, Lean Into the Wind coming out on 3.25. Check out the first single and other releases on their bandcamp page.

“Drifter’s Compass”


“Wild Horses” (Rolling Stones cover)

“Morning is Breaking”

“Bleed Me”

Award Ribbon Small 2014 Award Winner – Best Dressed

Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray on Facebook

CXCW 2013: Drifter’s Compass, Long Way Home/ Blue Dream (cover)
CXCW 2012: Pneumonia


Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray – The Wedding Tapes (5 videos) — 6 Comments

  1. These musicographing philharmonicists- how great and wonderful to be able

    to feel the dance and hear the words. Simply wonderful.

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