Moose Cookie – Clever Crow

Adhering to a no shoes on the couch policy, Moose Cookie visit CXCW from a suburban basement in Reisterstown, Maryland. Drawing from a wide source of influences, including the ’90s grunge scene and blues-rock, the band which includes old friends Tony, Brent and the husband/wife duo of Adam and Julia, have begun work on its first album, Mooseless Abandon. Inspired by a “creepy fortune cookie,” Julia penned the band’s CXCW debut, “Clever Crow.”

The band notes they enjoy baked goods, card games and hibachi buffets. Don’t we all!

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Moose Cookie – Clever Crow — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for letting us be a part of the amazing Couch by Couchwest 2015 festival!

    If anyone wants to see us live, we’ll be playing (with our friends Purple Orange, Blind Man Leading, and Pony Bones) at the Ottobar in Baltimore, MD at 8:30 this Thursday (3/19)!

  2. This is why I love CXCW. it doesn’t have to be strummy all the time. I love this sound, guys. It tugged at my prog rock heart. Well done!

  3. Is that the same girl from the catfish noodlers video? talk about a genre switch. great stuff guys! Keep doin what youre doin.

  4. Hell. Yes. This is what I like to see. A bunch of kids, chuggin water (I see you, water bottle to the right), and playin some mighty fine rock music. Keep it up, Lady and Gents.

    Oh, and your opening and closing bits made me chortle. Very nice.

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