My Wild Irish Couch

Some Irish Showcase production photos and other shenanigans from @tony_fitz, @DrCatho, and @grainnehunt


Stills from the video shoot with Tommy Doran, and his munchkins, Tom and Felix, with their buddy Glen Hansard.


Editing the “Maybe Not Tonight” video.


Tony WaffleDr Catho WaffleNot only are @tony_fitz and @drcatho excellent musicians and organizers of the Irish Showcase, they are also killer cooks. Holy crap do these Waffle Tacos make me hungry. #CXCWaffletaco


Graine 2

Grainne Hunt (@grainnehunt) and Tony Fitz (@tony_fitz) warm up for the Irish Showcase.

Dr Catho ToastTony toast


More food from the @tony_fitz/@drcatho household. French Toast Friday featuring chocolate chip french toast. Now I’m REALLY hungry.



Beautiful panorama of the musicians in the Irish Showcase from @grainnehunt.

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