Naj & Gordon – No Diggity, Partition, Doo Wop (That Thing) Mashup

I want to formally put in my request for a CXCW2016 Pony/Ignition (remix)/Fu-gee-la Mashup. Naj and Gordon attend UC Davis with fellow CXCWer Tracy Manuel who hipped them to CXCW, and we have to thank her highly for it. Naj & Gordon tell us:

Hey CXCW! We’re Naj & Gordon. About us: We’re just two kids from the bay, now both students at UC Davis, with a passion and a dream. What passion, you say? For music, for Beyonce, for that easy couch life and those flaming hot cheetos yafeel. We call our music acoustic hip hop, or rhythm and blues, or eclectro rainbow trip pop… We call our music lots of things, because every song we’ve turned out so far has been different! Let’s just say that we make beats for your booty and harmonies for your heart. Our dream is to build a mighty arsenal of fat beats (we’re both electronic producers as well) and tour the world playing sold-out stadiums and setting things on fire. Like Disclosure but with some singing and instruments too. Like a one-man-band but with two people. Our video is a mashed-up cover of No Diggity, Partition, and Doo Wop (That Thing), three songs that really speak to how much we like to have fun in the back seat and how we like what you’re doing with your hair and how some guys are just about that thing (that thing) and we hope you like it because we’re crossing our fingers for one of those weird awards you give out! Also, we heard about this hootenany from our good friend Tracy Manuel, so give her a shoutout for making great music and being really cute. Alright, if you got any questions just shoot us an email, and have a beautiful day!

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Naj & Gordon – No Diggity, Partition, Doo Wop (That Thing) Mashup — 3 Comments

  1. Really sweet! Great goove. Love the violin ………..It’s refreshing to hear a song that goes beyond the typical “CXCW format” of a long winded folk song played by one dude on an acoustic guitar. Keep doing what you do!

  2. Lemme tell ya, I may be one of those Typical CXCW Format Dudes, but I really enjoyed this. Hope to see more of you guys. If you do any gigs, please contact me so I can do my little part to let folks know where you’ll be playing.

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