Neal Stewart – The Multitasking Pickup Artist’s Song (Amateur Gynecologist)

Honestly, this is the funniest shit I have seen all week. Its so ridiculously brilliant, its painful. The rubber gloves, cmon! Ha Ha! Here’s what Neal said about the song. This guy is my new hero.

On a work-related trip to a country in Europe, I saw this little econo-car with a sign that said “gynechologiste amateure” or something thereabouts. I kid you not, it was the same size and shape as the old “baby on board” signs and just like the old BoB signs, the GA sign was hanging from a little suction cup on the back window of this little car. Since it was parked on the street, I had a seat, very nonchalant, waiting to see what kind of creep owned the car.

Since he never showed up, I simply made up what kind of douchebag he must be and set it to music. For this auspicious CXCW2015, I strove to make the creepiest acoustic guitar vid I could think of, complete with upshining exam light and lab coat. Believe it or not, I’d never played guitar wearing rubber examination gloves before.

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