Nikki Sue & The Bad News – Thanks a Lot (Ernest Tubb cover)

New Jersey, USA. The home of short basement ceilings and flood waters. Returning to CXCW after a year’s absence, Nikki Sue & The Bad News battle rising hydrostatic pressure and Freudian slips to “peeform Ernest Tubb’s classic “Thanks a Lot.”

As for being AWOL last year, Nikki Sue explains:

“We just started playing music again after a year and a half hiatus since I hit a very rough patch in my life with a lot of loss and ended up in a very, very dark place. But thanks to the encouragement of friends, fans and my very very very awesome band I’m back on the horse and making music as a way to deal with my issues again, and hopefully people will be able to relate and know they’re not alone out there. Anyway, that’s all I have to say about that!”

We are glad you are back and even happier to hear you are in a good place, Nikki Sue!

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