On the Couch Again

TinCan@TinCanMan2010 in Birkenhead, UK, says, “My cat thinks its a dog, my dog thinks its a cat and SXSW thinks it’s #CXCW13.”


DrTea@DrCatho from across pond demonstrates the #cxcw2013 diet: “homemade icec ream sandwiches and cups of Barry’s Tea | pause | repeat.”


SusanSusan is finally “catching up on some #cxcw & #justified with a drank!”


MikeLark@mikelark in Decatur, Georgia, sent in a photo of Ferb, in his customary position on the couch, taking a break between CXCW sets. Mike is in the band The Skylarks that played CXCW this morning.


ForestersShirts1The Foresters are modeling their sweet CXCW shirts. They’ll be the best looking kids in school! They played their song “Way Up High” on Day 1 (3/10) of CXCW. There are still shirts available here.


DoritoFish@Truersound in SXSWVA shows off hit Dorito encrusted fish tacos. Looks delicious! #Doritofish


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