Best Lo-Fi Video – Michael Rank and Stag

11 Best Lo Fi

Greater than ninety-five percent of the videos that we receive are made with a simple handheld camera. Most of us do not have mad editing skillz. This award is for our favorite lo-fi video. No editing here my friends! The winner is Michael Rank and Stag for what looks like an iPhone video from the back of a moving truck. Very cool!

Runners Up: Manitoba Rock N Rolla who told us that they used medical tape to hold their Kindle inside of their moving car, Huke Green bravely propping up his phone in the port-o-crapper, Not An Airplane with a GoPro camera on his guitar’s headstock (We’re actually surprised more people didn’t think of this technique).

Best Editing – The Dad Horse Experience

10 Best Editing

Some of you are not only talented musicians, but also skillful editors. Or maybe you have friends you are skillful editors. Regardless, a few of you blew us away with your professional quality videos. Seriously, the quality of some of these videos is better than 1980s MTV. Well done! Our favorite of the highly edited videos was our second video of the festival by The Dad Horse Experience. What a gorgeous video!

Runners up: Hallelujah the Hills, The Social No. 11

Best Lighting – Charming Disaster

09 Best Lighting

Lighting as part of the costume? That’s a bright idea! Har har har. All puns aside, this video by Charming Disaster is not only well lit, but brilliantly costumed, and very well performed. It’s almost musical theater!

Runners up: Sans Abri and their outdoor living room, Low Key with their eerie red/blue/purple lighting, and Dandelion Massacre with evil red and teal setting the mood.

Pharrell Williams Millinery Award – The Technicolor Gramophone

08 Best Hat

The inaugural Pharrell Williams Millinery Award (aka Best Hat) goes to The Technicolor Gramophone. Hipsters all over the world envy this man’s part witch hat/part fedora. But you can’t have one! It’s an original.

Runners up: Jesse Lafser looking too cute for words, Tommy Ike Hailey is old school, Emi Sunshine is as stylish as can be, Norine Braun is too cool for school, and the dude on the far right in Kill County looks like he is on his way to a fiesta!

Best Dressed – Miss Shavaughn & Yuma Wray

06 Best Dressed

Sorry fashionistas, but this one wasn’t even close. You just can’t compete with a couple on their wedding day. Miss Shavaughn looks like an angel in her wedding dress, and Yuma Wray is one handsome devil. Congratulations! You look (and sound) spectacular!

Runners up: Francie Moon in her bathrobe and toque, Laura Mae Socks and Jon Betrand looking all old timey country saloon while performing in the bathtub, Charming Disaster decked out in light bulbs and looking fabulous, and Skulk the Hulking, dude, we need that jacket.

Best in Show – Couch

04 Best Couch

Somewhere in Brooklyn, New York, there is a red leather couch that has seen a lot of music. Aron Blue sent us a slew of videos recorded at her home. Her couch got a lot of the good lovin’. Seriously, if we are counting correctly, her band of merry musicians and poets sent us at least eight videos, and for that we award Aron and her pals Best Couch of 2014!

Runners up: Kill County (how comfy does that red couch look?), Rushmore Beekeepers (that gold couch is to die for), The Delta Bell (gorgeous red couch).

Best in Show – Cat

03 Best Cat

Not a lot of cat entries this year, but Brian Frame’s cat is exactly what we want in a lazy couch cat. The little beast hardly moves until about 4:15 when it looks out the window. It never acknowledges Brian’s performance, and then finally looks at Brian only when Brian gives him a scritch at the end. And then it says, “Meow,” which roughly translates to “leave me the fuck alone.” What a lazy bastard. We love him/her.

Runners up:
Casey Sexton’s cat who loves Jamie Painter’s voice, Cash Bundren the stoner feline of @magearwig.

Best in Show – Dog

02 Best Dog

How freaking cute is this puppy!?! Although Pickle appears in this Scott Low video, we believe that this dog belongs to video producer Daniel McCord. Scott even dedicates this song “to his new friend Pickle,” and Pickle gives him a little kiss half-way through the video (at about 2:35). Cuteness overload!

Runners up: Dog that waits until the end of the Alone at 3am video in order to receive a sandwich, Irene Kelley’s dog Lester who just chills on the couch through the entire song, Hippy the dog who happily roams in and out of the Band Antenna video, Trent of Dos Ringos wondering, “Is this damn festival over yet?”