Rachel Grubb – Glory Be

Proving that inspiration for a song can come from anywhere, Rachel Grubb does not hide the fact that “Glory Be” was birthed by thinking of her adopted “bad kitty” Skipper, who makes a brief appearance at the beginning of Rachel’s video.

Rachel tells us:

I started out with some of the melody and the first line but had a bit of a block until I thought of my much-loved but very bad kitty, Skipper. We adopted Skipper last summer and fell in love with him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t feel the same and basically takes turns attacking me or avoiding me altogether. Strangely, he is super-sweet to my husband, what gives? With Skipper as my inspiration, I finished writing “Glory Be” within the hour. Big thanks to Skipper, the cat, for proving that under the right circumstances nearly anything can provide inspiration for a song.

Thanks to Rachel and Skipper for their joint CXCW debut!

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