Rat House Choir – Fan Mail

We meant to post this earlier, but third-year CXCWer Matt Woods was trying to sell us wiener pills, and the video ended up in the spam filter. Red House Choir is a supergroup featuring Shannon Mercer and Brock Johnson (of Mercer and Johnson), Sami Bowles (of Sunshine Mamas), Matt Woods, Adam Lee, Ryan Land (of Old Country Death, Blue Boot Heelers and Adam Lee), and A.J. Gaither. “Fan Mail” was written by Shannon Mercer. Get your drinks and smokes ready before you push play.

Mercer and Johnson (Columbia, MO): http://www.mercerandjohnsonmusic.com
Matt Woods (Knoxville, TN): http://www.therealmattwoods.com
Adam Lee (Kansas City, MO): http://www.adamleeband.com
A.J. Gaither (Kansas City, MO): A.J. Gaither on Facebook
Sunshine Mamas (Columbia, MO): http://reverbnation.com/sunshinemamas
Blue Boot Heelers (Kansas City, MO): http://www.bluebootheelers.com
Old Country Death (Lawrence, KS): Old Country Dead on Facebook

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