Revenge of the Couch

AprilCoraline in Cleveland, Ohio, enjoys local GLBC Conway’s Irish Ale at #CXCW. Save some for @nowthissound!


ImperialNachosImperial Rooster in Espanola, New Mexico, says, “When on the run this has to pass for nachos.” Check out their couch sessions from Tuesday (3/12) and Friday (3/15).


DaveyPieDavey Brown from Washington DC, was the only one clever enough to send in a photo of pie on Pi day (3/14). Hmmm….pie…. Davey’s two song set was posted on Friday (3/15).


PopaDay5Monsignor Tunes in New Jersey sent us a photo of himself from the end of Day 5. “I do believe I’m ripe for the picking,” he said. Uhhhhh, yeah. They can smell you in San Luis Obispo.


GabeDoritosOh no you didn’t! Gabe Wootton in Texas cracks into that other festival’s sponsor chips. Since your music is so good, we’ll let it pass. This time! He sent us a Vine video too, but we are too dumb to figure out now to embed it. Check out his two song set from Day 3 (3/12).

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