Rosanne Cash & The Thread – A Feather’s Not A Bird

When we heard chatter that Rosanne Cash may be recording a video for us, we let out a large collective squeal likely heard all over the East Coast. We are still kind of stunned to tell you the truth. Rosanne and her band The Thread took time backstage at the Carolina Theater in Durham, North Carolina, to record this breathtaking performance of “A Feather’s Not A Bird,” off her just released record The River & The Thread. We really dig the iPad keys and mouth maraca action going on here too. The Thread are Kevin Barry, John Leventhal, Dan Rieser, Zev Katz and Jon Cowherd and we appreciate their ability to improvise!

We want to thank Kim Reuhl for planting the seed and Dan Schram for seeing it through.
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Rosanne Cash & The Thread – A Feather’s Not A Bird — 18 Comments

  1. It’s 11:18 on a Saturday night and I’m tired and feeling down..Then come THIS ! This made me smile and smile and smile. Such a different personality to the presentation of the song LOVE IT !

  2. Can someone give Rosanne Cash a HUGE HELLS YAH!!!! That was ridiculously awesome. 🙂

  3. just serving notice to the dude in the red t shirt, i’m gunning for your job. awesome job guys and a fantastic album.

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  5. Rosanne – You are much more than the proverbial “chip off the old block.” Far from it. You are the evolutionary voice being heard, down through the ages and generations. You are the keeper of the flame, and the word, and doing a damned good job of making your Daddy proud! We love you, Girl!

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