Rushmore Beekeepers – Your Pretty Black Bow

Inspired by meteorological cold snaps, one-man-band Zack Fountain records as Rushmore Beekeepers. A current resident of the home to that other music festival taking place this week, Zack thumbed his nose at convention and parked his arse on a sweet yellow couch to bring us the shimmery “Your Pretty Black Bow,” a song that was part of a project where he wrote, recorded and released a song a week for a year.

Dig that Danelectro!
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Rushmore Beekeepers – Your Pretty Black Bow — 4 Comments

  1. @toomuchcountry – Haha!

    @Amanda – Rushmore Beekeepers loves you!

    @Joan – Thanks so much! He (it?) really is a cuddly crab.

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