Saints on Sunday – Busted Blues

Saints on Sunday are three friends from Louisa, KY that “get bored and play music.” They didnt give us much to go with, but I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed this song.


Saints on Sunday – Busted Blues — 24 Comments

  1. Way to go guys! Next time though put a little more info in the bio unless the elusive thing is part of your thing lol! Hope you do great! Proud of ya Bleau

  2. Hey thanks Bob….I’ll try to help you out with that. There’s some stuff on my YouTube channel The Beat Monkey but it’s pretty random….just jamming around but feel free to check it out. Glad you like it

  3. Saints on Sunday is: Bleau Waugh (vocals,rythm),Jay Maybry (lead),*Jim “Mountain” Ratliff (bass),and Justin White. (*not pictured)
    Bleau and Jay had been writing/playing together before Mountain and myself joined the fray late last summer. I know I speak for all of us and believe me when I say “We’re having a blast and there’s more in store”, thanks CXCW!!!

  4. You guys sound like something new, which is a breath of fresh air. Heard a clip of BETTER BLIND on Beat Monkeys you tube channel. Thats a hit, along with BUSTED BLUES and that other song thats original EASY CHAIR cant get them out of my head. I just hope you guys have more. Would love to have a full demo. WORD OF ADVICE dont just jam cause your bored PLAY OUT, WRITE, and PLAY OUT somemore. You guys have an original sound.If this is what bored sounds like, let us hear hungry fo it. Dude singing,very melodic and rockin!

  5. Here’s some info on these guys. Totally unbiased of course. My son is the beardy one Jay. Jay and the singer Bleau , yes Bleau.. Jay.. have played together since they were little kids. Jay’s dad and the drummer Justin’s dad played together for many years and Mountain who plays bass but is absent played with them all. They all hail from the Bluegrass state so they have all had many musician influences. They’re very laid back, nothing flashy just love to play. Great job guys! I can brag if you won’t

  6. Wow! Really appreciate the kind words and we are currently working on an EP…guess I really should have put more in the bio. I’ll post another one up and try to put some more info. Thanks for the advice too

  7. Really like the mix of a little touch of “high lonesome” in the vocals and the funk in the blues beat and the styling hot licks to go with it – it’s a different sound, and I so like original music – it’s not that easy to find nowadays – plus, that was some nice polish in closing out the song

  8. Thanks to cxcw for the oppurtunity to give artist another avenue to showcase their craft. There are a plethera of artists, with unique and great sound that is without a doubt testimate that regardless of age race or your geographical location music brings us all together in that special way that resonates harmoniously within the soul.

  9. Really loving this song! I have known these guys since they were first learning their instruments and am happy to see they never gave up. Looking forward to hearing lots of more original tunes. Peace and God Speed!!

  10. Adam, thx man. I remember playing at Ross benefit with you James Hail and Jay back it like 96. I remember coming and seeing you (blacktop funeral) in like 94. Thx so much for the comment and support.

  11. Thanks Tena a.k.a Peanut lol and Derek a.k.a Buddha 🙂 Thanks for all the support! Bleau and I really appreciate it. I have sent some mass shares and individual The band has gotten a great response and I am stoked

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