Saints on Sunday – Gold on the Ceiling (The Black Keys cover) / Untitled / Cold and Lonely

Saints on Sunday performed on Tuesday of CXCW2015. They were so popular that they made an encore performance!

We literally had 1’s of requests to hear some more, so we thought we’d go ahead and send a couple more. I got shit for not giving some more info so: Bleau Waugh and I (Jay Mabry, the beardy one) have been playing together since we were teenagers and have recently been writing more seriously over the past couple of years. Justin White (the skinny one playing drums) and Mountain (bass, not present) just recently joined up with us and we’re recording our first ever EP. This is my second year on CXCW after my 2014 submissions “Easy Chair” and our cover of BRMC’s “Shuffle Your Feet” as Black Sheep Sam. We’ve had a blast at this years festivities and have been really stoked at the positive reactions. This song is a cover of The Black Keys’ “Gold on the Ceiling.” Personally one of my favorite bands and a really fun song to play.

Another original song written by Bleau and myself….I think the most recent one we’ve done called…well, we don’t know what it’s called but we hope you like it. It’s on the slower side with a good feel to it, and it’s about one of everybody’s favorite subject….sex

Well I wasn’t going to but why not…we’re just having too much fun to stop. COUCH BY COUCHWEST RULES!!!!! This is another original…it’s about being cold and lonely.

They don’t have a website or social media contacts or any of that crap, but here’s their YouTube page.


Saints on Sunday – Gold on the Ceiling (The Black Keys cover) / Untitled / Cold and Lonely — 9 Comments

  1. Glad you all got these posted. And am glad you said more about yourselves. Nothing wrong with self promotion. I think you all have a great sound and I’m really proud of you. Keep on going……

  2. I tried to hit like but it said that I already have which I didn’t. Anywhoo, keep up the good work, keep writing stuff and doing what you love. It is nice to have something that you are passionate about! Props and much love not only to my main squeeze Bleau but to all the band

  3. keep up the good work and glad that you guys got together and were able to put some entries in this year. here is to many more:)

  4. WOW….Cool cover, you guys did a fine version, love the Keys. This untitled #, is written and arranged spot on… great lyrics, great melody, the solo and the oh oh’s, perfect subtle touch. Overall a song worth coin. Cold and lonley is a solid # as well, love the arrangment and melody. Are you guys scheduled for any festivals or internet session recordings this summer, or year. Cant wait to buy the EP. Get a good engineer in the studio, and a ok promoter, cause the tunes I heard will appeal to the rock and roll masses, and will promote themselves. They just need a nudge and just a few of the right people to hear them…………
    Peace, and enjoy your ride.

  5. Bob I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for checking the boys out. for your support and enthusiasm it really keeps them stoked 🙂

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