Sarah Cheung – Moon Cake

We have the “anything else you want to say” section in the submittal form because you really don’t want to trust us writing about you after watching a four minute video. Some people like Sarah, really take advantage of this and it makes us very happy. She also gives some serious advice about pickles.

I contemplated making a really nice looking video with the help of some talented friends and their cameras, but, lo and behold, it’s two o’clock on the morning of March 15th, with but seven hours before the deadline for submissions. If you can get through the part where I ramble on about my dog to an audience from the future, you may enjoy the song. It is one of my dearest wishes. The dog’s name is Perro. In regards to mustard, I used to very strongly dislike it until a few years ago when my pallet must have changed. Now I eat it with pleasure on multiple occasions. The same goes with pickles; I used to detest them, but now I like them so much that sometimes I drink straight up pickle juice. But not just any pickle juice– the brine of Bubbies Pickles. Seriously, those are some high quality pickles. Artesian well water? Live cultures? Bubbie? What more could one ask for from a jar of pickles? Pickles. I know a man, Dr. Alan Fluger (a real man), who says he hasn’t been sick in forty years, and he attributes it to (among other things, like proper diet, exercise, mental and emotional health, etc.) gargling Bubbies pickle juice every morning. And he drinks it, too. I highly recommend these pickles to pretty much anyone, even if they think they don’t like pickles. I am not affiliated with Bubbie in any way other than I see her face in my fridge. Thanks for your consideration.

Here’s Sarah with Moon Cake!

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