Sci-Fi Romance – Temptation Blues

Back for their third year, Sci-Fi Romance has moved from the couch to the garage to turn the volume up a bit. There was a couch just outside on the curb the neighbors were throwing away, but they were pretty sure it had rats living in it after the Great Los Angeles Rainstorm of 2014, and they just weren’t that brave.

Here’s “Temptation Blues,” a brand new song which makes this the second year in a row Sci-Fi Romance is world-premiering a song for CXCW. It will be on a new album coming out later this year.

Here’s an extra little treat from Sci-Fi Romance:

And since we had all the stuff in the garage all set up, we decided to give you some more, kind of a whole-band overview. “Temptation Blues” is brand new, (next album) and we wanted to give you stuff off the first two albums, too. So working backwards, here’s “We Used to Sing” off of our album THE GHOST OF JOHN HENRY.

And here’s “When Breath Becomes Visible” off the band’s debut …AND SURRENDER MY BODY TO THE FLAMES.
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