Shiny Old Soul – Melior

Let me just say I love this song and everyone in it! Shiny Old Soul is from Cincinnati and that’s in Ohio. I love the story of the song, and I don’t want to do it injustice so here’s what someone in the band had to say about it:

“The song, “Melior,” is about the tragic fate of a fresh, 2am coffee press which had an ill fated rendezvous with an uncaring kitchen floor before the horrified eyes of several tired lookers on. The video was shot around the piano of a favorite local watering hole in Northside, Ohio. Shiny Old Soul is a gaggle of miscreant local friends and musicians who have been playing together for 13 years now in the full knowledge that at any moment now the mythical music industry silver spaceship will swoop down and take us to glory in Valhalla. In the meantime, we drink a lot of coffee.”
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