Shonna Tucker – Lonely Women Make Good Lovers

Here’s the lovely Shonna Tucker formerly of The Drive-By Truckers and her dog Lucas, with a wonderful rendition of Bob Luman’s (though some may be more familiar with the 80’s Steve Wariner version) “Lonely Women Make Good Lovers” from the CXCW stage in Athens, Georgia. We were very excited in the CXCW offices when we saw this one come in, We love you Shonna, and what’s that mysterious substance in the mason jar?


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Shonna Tucker – Lonely Women Make Good Lovers — 6 Comments

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  3. Shonna, you are so full of style, whenever I told people about the DBTs I always pointed out that “and they got a girl bass player, how cool is that ! ” there is a hole in that band as good as they are, you brought a lot to the party, we are so sad that you are not on stage, p;layin that big ol fender, dancin and swayin and singing, you are great Shonna, all the best fer reals !

    from tokyo


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