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Snake Doctor’s beginnings can be traced back to March of 2011 when a group of area musicians started playing together under the moniker Project Thumper. This included Lana Smith (vocals), Jason Smith (bass, bgv), Ryan Byrd (bass), Chris Myers (drums, percussion), and Hollie Lambert Gonzales (drums, percussion). With the eclectic line-up of two bassists, two drummers, and a vocalist; these sessions were mostly improvised. Though short-lived, some of the songs written during this period would later become the basis for several early Snake Doctor favorites.

In late 2011, the mostly acoustic band, Los Chivos Muertos was put together to play an opening spot at a local bar. This line-up consisted of Lana and Jason, plus Rob Essery (guitar) and Chris Richburg (guitar, vocals). Not long after that show; Lana, Jason and Rob were joined by Cody Springer (guitar, vocals) and Cody Jinkins (drums). Thus Snake Doctor was born. And it was good.

In August of 2012, Chris Myers stepped in on drums. With the line-up set, Snake Doctor was ready to perform. Their first gig took place in September 2012 and the masses were blown away. After that, Snake Doctor used the rest of the fall and winter to perfect their sound and write more music. In the spring of 2013, Snake Doctor returned to the live music scene to continue taking over the world…

In early 2014 Snake Doctor spends a few weeks recording a demo with producer Dunn Drank, and the band gets a small taste of what its like to record.

March 2014, Snake Doctor welcomes back Cody Jinkins on drums. Chris is still our brother and we wish him the best in all he does!

March 2015 lining up shows for our Spring and Summer regional tours.

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