Some Couch That I Used To Know

Uncle Taco

Uncle Leon is so confused. “This taco tastes funny.” #CXCWtaco @UncleLeonAlibis


TooMuch Toast

@toomuchcountry “Full from #FrenchToastFriday. ‘The King’ included peanut butter & bananas.”


Monte Haiku

Aww Monte, your songs are great! @montedutton


Luna 2

@onechordnet says, “Luna is a bit tired after partying all week at #CXCW2015”


CBlue Taco

Celestial Blue (@CBlueMusic) doesn’t mess around when it comes to Taco Tuesday. #CXCWtaco


Alabastards 3

From @TheAlabastards: “One #Alabastard worn out after our @couchxcouchwest single-song set. #toughjob #masseusechair #CXCW2015 #malebalding”


Gabe Haiku

No idea what you are talking about, but it’s fucking deep, man.


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