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A little piece of advice: don’t start a new day job the week after CXCW.

The unofficial CXCW 2014 stats: 332 artists and bands, 405 total videos, 356 total posts, 1054 twitter posts, over 90,000 page views, 24,576 beers, 147 tacos, and one massive, massive hangover that knocked me out for all of Friday. I went through every page and watched every single video twice. I have one thing to conclude: y’all are some talented fuckers.

As a staff we decided to tag the videos that we loved with our names, so look at the tag line for “Amy’s picks.” Given that I had a hard time selecting just a few, I tagged 56 pages as my favorites. That’s 16.8% of all of the videos. I’m comprehensive like that. I’ll highlight a few of my favorites below.

How kick ass was the opening video by Those Crosstown Rivals? Love the starkness of The Dad Horse Experience and Drew Kohl’s twang. Todd Farrell, Jr. kicks ass per usual. Luke Dunkin, Mat D, Jamie Painter, Doc Feldman, Phil Norman, Gabe Wooten, Trace Faulkner, Olds Sleeper, Caleb Caudle, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Jonathan Torgrimsen, James Scott Bullard, Seth Adam, Kent Goolsby, and Seth Gray are among my favorite solo artists. Love the Every Brothers covers by Jesse and Noah and Hannah Fair & Dustin Meadows. I’ve had H.R. Gertner and Natalie Rella’s song stuck in my head for weeks. Bluejay killed it this year, and he was relatively clothed! Absolutely loved the auto-in-motion videos by Manitoba Rock N’ Rolla and Michael Rand and Stag. Other groups that I loved include The Foresters, The Deadfields, Charlie and the Regrets, Wicklow Atwater & The Fallen Flame, Ford Theater Reunion, Twangly Dark, Two Mule Blues, Charming Disaster, The Imperial Fucking Rooster, Glossary, The Bigsbys, and White Chocolate and the Cigarettes. And Skulk, dude, we need to party.

The staff limited ourselves to re-posting two of our very favorite videos, without looking at what the other staff members were posting. I selected an artist that was new to me, and a CXCW stalwart. One of the best parts of CXCW is discovering new artists. How killer is Scott Low? He blew me away with his song, “Blonde or Brown.”

For returning artists, you can’t beat The End Man. Damn! What a killer video. And that sax! There are lots of musical injustices in the world, but one of them surely must be the fact that The End Men aren’t huge. And I have a giant heterosexual girl-crush on drummer Liv.

My favorite part of CXCW is similar to what Mark Kirkland said about what an excellent community we have established. I love that a lot of you (maybe most of you?) have day jobs and that music is a hobby that you love, and you submit videos year after year. The fact that have made so many friends through this little endeavor has made all of the work (and the hangovers) worth it.

And mucho apologies for getting the awards, prizes, and final thoughts completed a little late. OK, a lot late, 7 weeks late? Oy. We’re taking our own slacker ethos a little too far…


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