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Every year we watch a metric ton of videos and every year there is always one performance that proceeds to blow me away and stand out among all the others. At CXCW 2011 it was Mark Folkrod. At CXCW 2012 it was Tom Savage Trio with “Train Keeps A Rollin.” Last year it was Jonny Burke with “32.50.” What do all those have in common? Well except for the Jonny Burke they are all artists I had never heard of until CXCW (I had seen Jonny open for James McMurtry once). These are performances without expectation, and they are all performances that are about the song….no gimmicks, just great songs. And really that is what makes it all worth it, all the work of putting CXCW on….it all comes into focus when that one magic song and performance graces my eyes and ears.

This year that song was “East Nashville Song About A Train” by Aaron Lee Tasjan. If you haven’t watched it, please watch it below and let your day be greatly improved:

We’ve agreed to only post 2 of our favorite videos, so the other performance I would like to highlight is Drew Gibson “Bright As Gold,” which is one you may have missed as it was posted on Sunday during the mad rush to get all the videos posted. Such a wonderful song, and again, no gimmicks, Drew just let’s the song shine with a great performance that shows the confidence of an artist that demands your attention.

To see some of my other favorite performances, just click the “Matt’s Picks” tag and enjoy. In closing I would like to throw a huge thanks out to all the artists who keep this mad dream going every year. You guys all make it worth it. Peace.

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