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The Fate of CXCW

Couch By Couch West was born almost 6 years ago, birthed by a serendipitous inside joke on twitter that was taken way too seriously. Thank god for that. Back then twitter was a different beast. Hell the entire internet was a different beast. Nowadays most of us behind CXCW have quit twitter, for various reasons, and we’ve seen blogs come and go, bands come and go, the rise of genericana, the acceptance of wagon wheel as a legitimate cover (shudder). What was once a labor of love has now become a burden. The fact is we cannot sustain CXCW. We just aren’t feelin’ it. To move on further would be to do the festival “grudgingly”, and that just would not be fair to all of you folks out there, the ones who make CXCW what it is, the ones who make a single week in March the most fun week on the internet. We urge everyone who wants to continue the CXCW tradition to do so, make your videos, post them to youtube and facebook, tag them with #CXCW2016 share them on twitter. We are handing this DIY online festival over to you, the people. We trust you.

We have made lots of amazing friends, and seen ton after metric ton of sweet ass CXCW videos. We hope to see you in the electronic ether and until then, keep those cushions fluffy and clean side up.


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  1. Thank you, CXCW.

    I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Couch By Couch West. That first year was when I suddenly “got” Twitter, and discovered all these cool people who liked similar music to me, when before that I thought I was some wandering fan in search of great songs. I found so many bands that we featured on Country Fried Rock through ?#?CXCW? sessions, some of whom I may have nudged a time or ten to send in their videos. Honestly, my closest “friends” in music mostly stem from CXCW. So, thank you to the folks who made this happen. Thanks for going out on top. Thanks for being awesome.

    Go pour one out for what is ending, and pass one around for the future. There’s still fantastic songs out there. Go buy them.

  2. You guys were, and remain, the best. When I started my band, it was just me recording stuff in my bedroom. Part of the reason we’re now a full band and three albums in is because of the welcome and support we received from CXCW and those who were watching the fest from home. So thank you. I will continue to wear my CXCW shirt with pride.

  3. I completely understand and will miss CXCW very much. I made a ton of friends, set up an entire touring network through people I met through CXCW and heard a lot of music from people I love through this deal. Thanks a lot to everyone involved. It was a blast.

  4. I have heard some great music and met some phenomenal musicians, that I now call friends, that I otherwise would not have met if not for Couch By Couch West
    I even played shows with a few bands where we realized we knew some of each other’s songs because of this online music festival. Those that submitted or just came by to check out the music – we are all better for having this forum as part of our musical resume. Thank you CXCW for creating a shared space where the country, if not the world, was local music for a few weeks each year.

    Best to all of you and thank you for everything!

  5. Thank you for the most fun I’ve ever had. I can’t even begin to thank you enough. I’m so happy I’ve made some amazing friends through CXCW. I can’t imagine not having most of those friends in my life. That’s been the greatest part of it all. Maybe a reunion tour run one of these days? Love you guys.

  6. The only thing worse than you guys going away, is imagining you guys never existing. Thanks for everything and all the best in any and all of your future endeavors.

  7. That just sucks!
    My couch was parked in my favorite location this year, 500 yards south of ground zero for the two mule blues shock wave 🙁

  8. Thanks for everything…sorry to see this. I’ve had a great time the last couple of years and discovered some great music, I’ve also really appreciated the support given here. I’ll still be searching the Tube for CXCW2016 still hoping to see (or submit) some good stuff.

  9. My heartfelt thanks for all that you’ve done – for inspiring, for motivating, and for the years of great music!

  10. Sorry to hear it. I just found out about this last year and this was going to be the first year I participated. SO I missed the boat. You did it as a lark and it’s not so much fun anymore. I get it. Thanks for helping me find some great indie artists I never would have heard of.

  11. Too bad, the only US festival I could attend without leaving my couch and beer in Europe.
    Thanks to artists and staff for great CXCW festivals and fun!
    I will look for #CXCW2016 but CXCW was more than just interesting music.

  12. Well I understand completely. I’m still gonna tag and put out a couple videos. I just like doing it too much to stop. Like many things in my life. LOL.

  13. But, I’m too lazy to actually get off my couch and go to a venue. Cheers, y’all! Well done!

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