Stephen Sims – Saving Grace

Stephen Sims sends us this video from Houston, Texas. He explains the meaning of his song “Saving Grace” below.

I usually play my songs to the dogs and the cats at Casa de Sims. But with the support of Huke and Sam of the a Wayward Sons and my wife, Amanda, I have ventured out.

I like tacos and Lone Star beer. We have taco Mondays, taco Tuesdays, taco Wednesdays, hell…we have tacos a lot at the Casa. There’s nothing better than tacos with a nice cold Lone Star. FYI, Sirracha sauce is awesome on tacos!

This song was inspired by all the sacrifices my dad made while I was growing up. Not that my mom didn’t. But I wrote this from my perspective of being a dad, and understanding what it takes to provide for a family.

On 5/31/13, Houston Fire lost 4 of its own. A few more were hurt. This song took on two meanings after that. I heard a story of one of the badly injured firefighters. He told the rescuers to tell his family that he would fight for them. I think that is the true meaning of this song, that Dad, no matter the odds, he will carry on for his saving grace, his family.

I have to admit that I got a little choked up listening to this song. I’m going to go find some kleenex now.

CXCW 2012: Better Me, Better You / Broken & Bruised

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