Sweet Soubrette – Take It Easy (feat. caseyXcreeper)

Poolside with a ukulele, Sweet Soubrette (Ellia Bisker — half of the duo Charming Disaster, last year’s Best Lighting Award winners), cousins Casey (caseyXcreeper) and Abby (videographer unseen) escaped the Brooklyn winter by hanging in Florida at grandma’s retirement community. As all the residents there do, Sweet Soubrette urges us to “Take it Easy.”

Waiting 30 minutes before swimming and applying sunscreen, no sunburns were obtained during the filming of this video. All that’s missing is an umbrella drink.

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Sweet Soubrette – Take It Easy (feat. caseyXcreeper) — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks guys! Sweet Soubrette will be taking it easy on the West Coast next weekend, playing gigs in Santa Cruz and Oakland March 20-22. Details on our website! xo -SS

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