Tangled Up in Couch

JphonoMaggie@Jphono1 (left, from Chapel Hill, North Carolina) and @maggiesfavorite (right, from Tuscaloosa, Alabama) keep their liquid refreshments cool with some stylish CXCW coozies. Order yours here.


Mark Piper FBMark Piper from Schroon Lake, New York, sent this photo to us via Facebook to show his dog watching CXCW and drinking green beer for St. Patrick’s day!


AaronBeardAaron Cain in Toledo, Ohio, is coming after another best in show beard award. Aaron played with Mark Bickle during CXCW Day 7 (3/16).


ClancyClancy Jones sent us these photos of himself enjoying CXCW on the beach on the Texas gulf coast. It’s 28 degrees in the CXCW northeast office. Bastard. Clancy has several videos in CXCW 2012 and 2013. And he’s the only Clancy, so it’s easy to search.


Cat Stevens KeithKeith Monacchio sent us this photo of Cat Stevens chilling on his couch. Cat Stevens really digs Two Cow Garage and The Dead Volts.

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