Thanks from the Couch by Couchwest Staff

After a long week and a half, we here at Couch by Couchwest wanted to take a minute to thank all of you who really made CXCW a success.  Without your videos, your views, and your ongoing commentary on Twitter and Facebook, we’d just be a few folks with a website.  This is your festival, not ours, and we hope you had a great time.

We especially want to thank all the musicians that took the time to record videos, cram into strange places, bum cameras from friends – all in the name of CXCW.  We’ve watched every single video that was submitted and were fortunate to have to so many great bands willing to give us some of their talent.

Now we ask one more thing of you.  If you liked what you heard during the past week, please go buy an album or a shirt or check out a band the next time they’re in your town.  Even something as little as “liking” them on Facebook can help them with booking shows.  After getting to hear 264 (we think) bands for free, it’s the least we all can do!


Thanks from the Couch by Couchwest Staff — 4 Comments

  1. This was really fun..thanks again for supporting musicians all over the country, Geniuses! See you in 2013! Keep rockin’

    Clancy Jones

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