The Catfish Noodlers – Cut Me Loose

With Kate and Julia of the Catfish Noodlers having already given us their Foo Fighters cover, the full band has shown up, on a different couch, no less, to sing us “Cut Me Loose.”

Shown here enjoying the official beverage of Baltimore, the Catfish Noodlers will gladly share a Natty Bo with you when they headline the Marshy Point Nature Center’s Spring Festival on April 18.

They didn’t share any links with us, so if you like them, you’ll have to hunt them down.


The Catfish Noodlers – Cut Me Loose — 3 Comments

  1. Hey now! I will not cut you loose because I love everything about this. The bohs, the friendship and love that is so clearly present on that couch, the sweet bass line, the… creepy witch doctor to the left, and most of all, the music. Great frontman, great song writing, great band!

    Keep on catfish noodling, I will be watching for more…

  2. awesome! just checked out your alternate sumission on youtube, great stuff! You should add fiddle to this song. I’m with the guy above, keep on noodling!

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