The End Men – CXCW Showcase

The End Men opened CXCW2012 with a bang last year, and remains one of our favorite performances. This year they try to top that, and we have to say, we are pretty impressed. We’ll let them explain it to you:

So, we thought about it long and hard… what could we possibly do to submit something greater than the video that won us the coveted place of “Most Rocking” band from 2012?

The conclusion that we came to was that we could not. We had reached the top, the peak, the pinnacle of what one video could possibly do. So we had no other choice…

With that in mind, we packed our couch, our PA, all our gear and invited our friends to our first ever CXCW SHOWCASE! On an unassuming Sunday in March, we did just that, marched up 7 flights of stairs (no elevator!) with enough gear to break our backs and only one thing on our minds, rocking everyone’s assess right off their couches!

So here they are, EIGHT rocking submissions straight out of Brooklyn, including multiple songs off our newly released album Play With Your Toys as well as last year’s hit “Run Away” and a previously unreleased new song, “Copycat”!

So without further delay, below is the playlist, with all eight End Men videos, an entire concert if you will. Complete with hipsters taking photos and drinking beer for that authentic SXSW experience you can only find on the internets at CXCW!
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The End Men – CXCW Showcase — 12 Comments

  1. what a treat! Thank you so much Matthew and Livia, that was truely amazing! packed a bunch of whoop ass! #notourforoldmen kickoff!

  2. Thanks Scott, Simon and David! We had a blast making it happen with all our friends, hopefully it is a foreshadowing of the fun we will be having this summer on tour and quite possibly rocking more roofs! Only buildings with elevators next time!

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  4. Would love to do a show with you guys. Gotta figure out where

    Trying to send this little response but I am being told by this site i have already sent this message

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