The End Men – The Wolves

The End Men…THE EFFIN’ END MEN MAN! If you have been to the last couple CXCW’s you know what we mean. Sit back and get your face melted into the couch. And that sax!
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CXCW 2013: 7 song Showcase
CXCW 2012: Run Away


The End Men – The Wolves — 9 Comments

  1. Matthew and Livia bring it hard to the couch again for another year freakin’ rockin’ sockem!

  2. I’ve got a good stand of hair, but it suddenly receded after being blown away by this video. Shall I renumerate?

    1. PseudoSteampunk
    2. What instrument – other than a tenor sax – can complement Matt Hendershot’s vocals and distorted guitar? None. Boom! *drops the mic*
    3. Commonwealth Amps
    4. Liv’s talents are not of this world. I’m not sure its humanly possible to rock the skins with as much energy as she gives, sing harmony vocals, AND look sooo hawt.
    5. A bad ass glasses push

  3. In response to Too Much Country:

    1) Ha! Nice, but beer brewery… ummm BEER! BREWERY!
    2) Agreed, and nice stage presence!
    3.) Yuuup!
    4.) I know right, it almost isn’t fair that she is taken. *wink*
    5.) Matt Elia is my new hero, and we can talk comic books for hours…

    Cheers all! Thanks for the love!
    The End Men

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