The Foresters – Way Up High

Check out what may be our youngest band to date! The Foresters consist of the three Nork brothers from Bethany, Connecticut. Evan – (age 13) guitar and lead vocals, Hayden – (age 11) bass and vocals, and Liam – (age 10) drums. The boys were inspired to form their own band after seeing a Green Day concert in 2010. The brothers had virtually no experience, but decided to use their own savings to purchase instruments.

Their debut album is now available via Bandcamp or all the other usual sources.
The Foresters Facebook


The Foresters – Way Up High — 11 Comments

  1. Seconded: Great job, guys. Your initiative is awe-inspiring. Keep it up! (Dig those green bass strings, too.)

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  3. Great work fellas! Ditto on harmonies and bass string. But next year Liam – I wanna see you go all Neil Peart by banging the skins of that that white, double-bass, tube-tom’d, drum rack.

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