The Farwells (formerly The Josies) – Look Up Look Down That Lonesome Road

Making their debut as a band are The Josies The Farwells, a duo featuring Debra Clifford and Becca Wintle. Debra also performs in The Lonesome Sisters and in Old Buck (with fellow CXCWer Riley Baugus). Here they perform a beautiful rendition of the traditional tune “Look Up Look Down That Lonesome Road” on one of the nicest and most perfectly staged couches I believe we have ever seen at CXCW. They tell us:

The Farwells is a new duo with Debra Clifford (of the Lonesome Sisters and Old Buck) and Becca Wintle. Here they sing the traditional song, “Look up, Look Down.” A new Farwells CD is in the works for summer 2015. Join The Farwells on Facebook below. Note: Omie Wise graciously let them borrow her couch for CXCW, although you’ll see she splits as soon as the dang music starts.

Official Website
The Farwells on Facebook
Lonesome Sisters
Old Buck


The Farwells (formerly The Josies) – Look Up Look Down That Lonesome Road — 3 Comments

  1. Oh my goodness, how has it taken me this long to watch your video!? Music like this makes me wish I had a better command of the English language, so that I could properly praise it. Absolutely beautiful. Wonderful fiddling (I’ll be watching and rewatching you for tips), flawless harmonies. Gave me chills.

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