The Social No. 11 – Nadine

The Social No. 11 comes back to the couch from the chowder stage in Arlington, Massachusetts. They are pleased to share their new song, “Nadine,” with the CXCW audience. “Tell us what you think, but not what you don’t.” Uhhh, what? The Dobro in this song is pretty sweet. And these guys have mad video editing skillz/connections. They would like to say a special thanks to Stephen Hussar (DP) and Moose Harvey (Editor) for putting this piece together (quickly!).

“…It takes a special kinda stupid… …Lord, to lose a winning hand…” -Nadine (the song)

The Social No. 11 are:

Moose Harvey ~ UBass
Jason Donnelly ~ Acoustic Guitar
Jonathan Shapiro ~ Dobro/Lead Vocals
David Whitford ~ Mandolin
Shady Hartshorne ~ Keys/Backing Vocals
Tom Robertson ~ Drums/Backing Vocals
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CXCW 2013: John Brown


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