The Wayward Sons – Ghost / Crystal Beach

You guys remember Huke Green and Samuel Barker from last year, right? Well this year they decided to submit as a band instead of solo artists.

Here’s Huke first performing “Ghost” (but no favoritism)

And Samuel with “Crystal Beach”

They’re offering a free download of the session at their bandcamp!

The Wayward Sons on Facebook

CXCW 2012
Huke Green – Down By Old River and Gaslight
Samuel Barker – Kansas and Love Over Time



The Wayward Sons – Ghost / Crystal Beach — 25 Comments

  1. somebody tell that bald dude in Na$hville this is how you do a beach song w/out being a toolbag about it. good work, sons.

  2. Love their music and have seen them several times in person, and have enjoyed it every time! I am very happy to see them back here!

  3. I became a huge Huke fan last year thanks to CXCW. I like his edge
    Now I’m a Waywards fan, too. They are so good together, like a good whiskey. Smooth and biting at the same time.

  4. Thanks TinCanMan!
    … and the name has built a bit of legacy over the last four years… so we stuck with it. Plus we still have a lot of koozies.

  5. Hey all Couch By CouchWesternerns who are in the Houston area! bring your phones, your tablets, your net book, your laptops (keeping up with CXCW is encouraged and Recomended) to Jackie B’s on the Gulf Freeway (right in back of Sudies) to hear us play your favorite songs about Meth Heads, Murderers and all around Ne’er do wells Tonight 9pm till either 2am or y’all get tired… whichever comes first.

  6. I almost forgot, Little Outfit kicks it off tonight! That’s right, the #FolkSoulAcana Trio of our good friends Naylor, Randy & Amy that is NOT to be missed! So yeah, get there BY 9!

  7. I really enjoyed these guys, I am a huge Chris Knight Fan and Samuel sounds so much like him. You have a new fan right here.

  8. Thanks, Donna. I’ve gotten the Chris Knight comparison for a while and finally checked him out recently. He’s so good, so it thrills me to hear that now. Thanks, again.

  9. Thanks again for checking them out. Remember to download the audio over at Bandcamp. Anything you can do to help spread the word would mean a lot. Huke has to work, but I’ll be on tour all summer, so if I come near any of you, come say hi!

    The dates are:
    6/12 – The Red Fox – Baytown, TX
    6/13 – Opening Bell – Dallas, TX
    6/14 – Gypsy Coffee House – Tulsa, OK
    6/15 – Coffee Grounds – Terre Haute, IN
    6/16 – OFF
    6/17 – Hearthstone Coffee House & Pub – Fishers, IN
    6/18 – Living Room Show – Chicago, IL
    6/19 – Tree Bar – Columbus, OH
    6/20 – Sitwell’s – Cincinnati, OH
    6/21 – Java Cabana – Memphis, TN
    6/22 – Downtown Grill and Grocery – Hattiesburg, MS

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