The Whiskeyjacks – Vagabonds

The Whiskeyjacks of Atascadero, California, are Jon Bartel of American Dirt and Pat Hayes of The Dead Volts have teamed up to bring you this tune from their side project The Whiskeyjacks called “Vagabonds.” Whiskeyjacks is shaping up as a 3-piece that plays alt-country style tunes from Bartel’s long and insignificant back-catalog, mostly dealing with regret. This video comes to you from the Bartel Homestead garage with spittoons and plastic and the acoustics are questionable at best. Enjoy!
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CXCW 2013: Louisiana State Line (Jon Bartel), Creston Line (American Dirt), Port St. Lucie (Dead Dirt), Dirty Old Town (Dead Dirt), Westboro Baptist Church (The Dead Volts)
CXCW 2012: Back and Fourth (American Dirt), Do It Again (The Dead Volts)
CXCW 2011: Late Again (The Dead Volts)

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