The Wild Ponies – Driving My Life Away (Eddie Rabbit cover)

Our other favorite East Nasties Doug and Telisha Williams return to CXCW with their new band The Wild Ponies who give us this head bobbin’ performance of Eddie Rabbit’s “Driving My Life Away” live from a truckstop outside of Texarkana. Hell, that’s a country song in itself right there. They tell us this song was uploaded from an iPhone on the interstate at 80mph on their way to Austin. Thanks for the love and truth, oh and somebody please get Doug a beer.
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The Wild Ponies – Driving My Life Away (Eddie Rabbit cover) — 4 Comments

  1. A personal challenge to all at CXCW. In a blech mood? Having simply an average day? Need a spirit lift? Take the opp to meet Doug, Telisha and Jake. You’ll be a changed person. Incredibly fun folks to be around. BUT – no need to transfer your monkey to their shoulders. Let’s be realistic about this shall we? They aren’t therapists – just a great bunch of folks in a band. But you WILL have fun being around them even if your brow is furrowed as you mutter “…wait, is that song about…?” Good news is no co-pay needed. Just the cost of a CD bundle – wonderfully trimmed with ribbon by Telisha.

  2. I’ve hit “middle aged” so the idea of a rock n’ roll life doesn’t seem real nor does it appeal to me but if there is anyone that makes life on the road seem fun, it’s D and T.

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