Tim Lee 3 – Shut Up & Kiss Me

Old CXCW friends – and 2011 Sketchiest Couch Award winners – Tim Lee 3 are back with a sexy love song featuring prime lyric “I dig you like a grave.”

Tim and Susan add,

“we are happy to announce that, after playing CXCW2013 from bed with the flu, this year we are back to normal… whatever that is. This is our 4th year to play Couch by Couchwest… we reckon that adds up to 20 in dog years. And speaking of dogs, Falstaff and Scooter declined to be involved in the video, and this year’s foster, Mick, had no idea what was going on. But, if you look at our previous CXCW dates, you can see the TL3 Basset Hounds represent (i.e. sleep). And, if yer so inclined to adopt or foster a rescue basset hound, surf on over to www.bellyrubs.org and check out the available hounds. Basset Hounds make great couch dogs.”


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