Tommy Ike Hailey – I Wonder Why / Washing Over Me

Hailing from just a stones throw away, well not that close but I can be there in 45 minutes, from yours truly, Ponchatoula, Louisiana, is Tommy Ike Hailey with his two songs “I Wonder Why,” and “Washing Over Me.” First, shout out to Bayou Teche Brewing sign over there. Their LA 31 Biere Pale Ale is one of my favorites. Anyway, with that out of the way, here is what Tommy had to say about the two songs he submitted, “People occasionally ask me what inspires me to write songs. Sometimes my songs are based on personal experience or things that people I know are going through, and sometimes they’re based on things I’ve heard or read about. This song – I Wonder Why – was inspired by a combination of those things, and specifically, as you might guess, things I wonder about. No answers, unfortunately, just questions… Last year I submitted a sad love song that was NOT inspired by my lovely bride, so this year I thought it would be good to submit one that she did inspire. Everyone should have a love that “washes over” them. There’s nothing like it!” Definitely very nice stuff


Tommy Ike Hailey – I Wonder Why / Washing Over Me — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks, Buzz! Like most people, I guess, I like for things to make sense, and when they don’t, for example when bad things happen to good people, I can’t help but puzzle over it. I just wish I had more answers than questions sometimes!

  2. Greg, that Bayou Teche sign and the Lone Star trash can were both in my videos from last year’s CXCW as well, which were shot at our old house. Hmmm…perhaps that could be a recurring theme for CXCW in years to come, only in different settings. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Hi Tommy,
    I love all your songs and voice. I even can understand all the words. You’re an Artiste)).

  4. Thanks, Jim! We missed you at the Northshore Songwriters Circle last night. I hope to see you in Madisonville this evening – I can’t go too long without hearing those Jim Nelson songs!

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