Tommy Ike Hailey – Storm Clouds / Man Alive!

Tommy from Natchitoches, Louisiana, gets inspiration from the people in his family. Here he tells us where the ideas for these two songs came from:

The first song, “Storm Clouds”, was written on the morning of New Year’s Day a few years back. My lovely bride wants me to let you know that while she has inspired a number of songs, she didn’t inspire this one. Fortunately for me, the times I’ve seen “the lightning flash in her eyes” have been few and far between!

The second song, “Man Alive!”, is based on my grandfather Archie Davis’ favorite saying. He’s long since gone now, but I find that I still use it all the time, so much so that folks I know associate it with me and they’ll sometimes say it to poke a little fun at me. A few years ago I said “Man Alive!” about something at my first cousin’s house, and his daughter asked me “What does that mean?”. As I thought about it, I realized that while I knew how and when to use it, I had never given serious consideration to just how flexible an expression it really is. This song was written a couple of days later as an offbeat and sometimes extreme exploration of what it CAN mean. So much for serious consideration…”Man Alive!”

“Storm Clouds”

“Man Alive!”

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