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Mr. @TooMuchCountry has sent us so many creative and crazy photos, haikus, and graphics over the last week, that we have one photo page just for him. Plus, he’s a super cool dude who helped us recruit a few Nashville-based artists, and got thrown out of Third Man Records (Jack White’s label) while trying to post CXCW posters there. (But you still only get one entry into our contests!) If you ever meet TooMuchCountry, make sure to buy him a Schaefer beer. In somewhat chronological order…





Bumper“Finally found limit to effectiveness of @couchxcouchwest posters. Hmm. #CXCW bumper stickers as 2014 merch?”


The Rejected CXCW Merch ideas

1. CXCW Festival Wrist Band
Rejected CXCW wristband
2. Jersey T-shirt
Rejected CXCW jersey
3.Personalized custom leather belt (not needed as most people don’t wear pants)
Rejected CXCW belt
4. Mainstream poser beer promo tee
Rejected CXCW tee


ViralPromotion“Ya know, I’m beginning to wonder if the viral promotion of @couchxcouchwest may be straying a bit too far. #CXCW” (3/14)


TacoThurs“I skipped Taco Tuesday of @couchxcouchwest so I could enjoy Thaco Thursday b/c I have a #cxcwlisp. #notreally (3/14)”


FrenchToast“Yep, #FrenchToastFriday is underway @couchxcouchwest. #CXCW #Nashville (3/15)”

FrenchToast2“Eating French toast @ while listening to Jim Tyrrell sing about it. #FrenchToastFriday #CXCW (3/15)”


Beer“I trust things are going well @couchxcouchwest. #mayneedcablater (Sat. 3/16)”


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