Township Train Wreck – Corn Maze / Sleep High / Presence of the Past

Township Train Wreck is a group of friends that all work in the mills in northwest Indiana. Music lovers one and all. The band consists of Jim Little (Porter), Clint Slatcoff (Engineer), Lance Hodge (Brakeman) and Tommy Thompson (Conductor). All the guys contribute music, lyrics, beer and play multiple instruments. The band had an original tune on the Couch in 2013 but couldn’t get together so Lance went solo. The band was so disappointing with the solo effort that they insisted to be part of the fun this year. The Train wrecked in Jackson Township, Indiana. The second tune is called “Sleep High,” which may explain the wreck.

“Corn Maze”

“Sleep High”

“Presence of the Past”

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CXCW 2013: Two Johns (Lance solo)

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