Wood, Wire and Words – Take Me For A Ride

Hippies use backdoor! Love that sign. So, I’m watching this video thinking to myself, these folks have to be from California. Just everything about em gave off that cool and laid back vibe that parts of California are known for. Imagine my surprise when I learn Wood, Wire and Words are from Portsmouth and Hyling Island on the south coast of the U.K. Never would have guessed, obviously. Either way, Wood, Wire and Words is a family affair consisting of David Rozzell, his wife Clare and Clare’s father Pat Francis. This song will be on their forthcoming record which is due out later this year.



Wood, Wire and Words – Take Me For A Ride — 2 Comments

  1. Its clear David inherited the talents of his grandfather, Lefty Rozzell. Wait. What?

    Really enjoyable David, Clare & Pat. But Uncle Rico called. He’d like his van back.

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